Numbers of name

no names but numbers

Van Besouw states that everyone can form their own association with our carpets. That is why Van Besouw does not give her carpet names but numbers. Of course, over time they will automatically make a name for themselves.

The 3801 is a good example. Anyone who knows the Van Besouw collection knows that this is the number of our design classic.

The numbers are not randomly dialled. For example, the first digit stands for the material used and the second for the production method. The last two digits form a sequence number.

3 = cotton | 8 = knitting | 01 = serial number

Material 1
. wool
2. synthetic
3. cotton
4. wool/goat hair
5. linen
6. combination materials
7. 80% wool / 20% synthetic
8. lama wool

1. wilton woven
2. woven with pattern
3. hand tufted
4. jacquard woven/flat weave
5. fushion weave
6. tufted
7. -
8. knitted

2 6 X X

An enormously rich collection. A multitude of colours and designs. Truly a feast for the feet. 

Quality numbers: 2605, 2606, 2607, 2608, 2609, 2610 and soon: 2611, 2612 and 2615. 

3 8 X X

Every Van Besouw connoisseur knows by now that we are lovers of cotton. That was Van Besouw's big breakthrough as a brand. 

A special distinguishing collection: 3801, 3802, 3805, 3808, 3810 and 3820.

The design classic will soon be completely renewed.

2 4 X X & 2 8 X X

The project collection. A double quotation has been used because multiple production methods are used. In order to get the best products on the shelf. 

The numbers: 2401, 2402, 2403, 2404, 2405, 2808.

The last one is knitted 2808.

14 X X & 1 8 X X

Pure luxury. Timeless and comfortable. Experience the matt look and regal atmosphere of the wool collections.

Again a mix of weave and brain numbers: 1406, 1803, 1806 and 1808.

2 6 X X X

We go to the 5-digit codes ... Besides carpets and rugs Van Besouw offers a collection of special carpet tiles. 

Would you like a collection of PVC floors? Then take a look at

The tile numbers: 26001, 26002, 26010.


They don't have a number, but they certainly deserve a mention. Van Besouw is in fact a specialist in the manufacture of made-to-measure trolleys. 

A subtle finish, voluminous, or very present with leather or upholstery fabric? We create. 

Especially interesting are the possibilities of "design-rugs". Would you like to know more? Please send an e-mail to 


Pure luxury! A knitted loop of pure wool.


Powerful flavoring. A flat woven project manager.


Dry earth. A distinctive natural effect, this carpet tile.