Production techniques

carpet and carpets with character

The Van Besouw collection is at home in all markets. Soft, warm and homely to hard and project-based. To give each space the right character. 

The chosen production technique plays a crucial role in the development. Or to put it the other way around: you have to be able to see how the carpet has been produced. That's what makes a Van Besouw special. 

Van Besouw uses three different production techniques: knitting, weaving and tufting. The various carpets and rugs are created in combination with the right choice of material. Each one unique in its own way.


Unique. Van Besouw is virtually the only producer of knitted carpets. 

The result: exceptional carpets with enormous pile stability. This translates into a long service life. 

The technique can best be compared to knitting a sweater. A cotton or wool cloth appears from a number of threads. And that is 400 cm wide!  

The products stand out because of their special structures. Or by the typical writing effect. The loops fall in all directions. A special optical effect. 


Warp and weft. Not the often used proverb, but pure production.
The longitudinal threads are moved up and down by combs. The weft thread is shot between them. 

Usually materials such as wool and polyamide are used. Or a mix with, for example, goat hair. 

The result: tightly woven carpet with a clearly recognizable structure


Sophisticated production technology, which we use in particular for our soft collections. The yarn is inserted with a needle through the bobbin cloth to allow a fraction of the yarn to resurface. The yarn is then cut through. This process repeats itself super fast at 400 or 500 cm width and length. 

Discover the diversity and multiplicity of colours of the Van Besouw soft collections on the product page


A knitted carpet is instantly recognisable. The typical Van Besouw loop pile (3801 or 3805). Or striking knitting structures. 

Take a look at the possibilities:

Katoen collectie

3801 - 3802 - 3805 - 3810 - 3820

Wol collectie

1803 - 1806  



Carpet with a clear structure or pattern. Sometimes as tight as a project carpet, or richly filled with a natural yarn mix.

Take a look at the possibilities:

Wol collectie

 4403 - 4404 

Project collectie

 2404 - 2405 - 2406 - 2407 - 2408 - 2409 - 2410 - 2411 - 2412


De juiste productiemethode voor de Van Besouw soft collecties. Zachte tapijtcollecties met een unieke glanzende uitstraling.

Take a look at the possibilities:

Soft collectie

  2605 - 2606 - 2607 - 2608 - 2609 -   2610 - 2611 - 2612 - 2613 - 2614 - 2615 - 2616 -2620

Tapijttegels collectie

26001 - 26002 - 26010


Each name gives a certain association. Van Besouw therefore opted for numbers. That may seem difficult, but there's a story behind it. A logic. If you want to understand the logic of numbers, click here.

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