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A Van Besouw carpet or rug gives every room the right character. Ever since 1839. Van Besouw is known worldwide for its innovative loop carpet. Today, the carpets and rugs are developed and produced by Van Besouw according to three unique processes: knitting, weaving and tufting.

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Excellence since 1839

Dutch design

Made in the Netherlands


From our loop carpet to current novelties

1001 Designs

Contemporary, original, always fitting

Our history

Van Besouw is a brand with a rich history. About 180 years ago this company was started by the Van Besouw family from Goirle. Supported by rapid technological developments, Van Besouw continued to innovate. Important anchor point: in the 1960s, Van Besouw developed the famous loop loop carpet in collaboration with industrial designer Benno Premsela.


Van Besouw carpets are known for their longevity. The products we produce are all of the highest quality imaginable, without concessions. Pure materials that last a long time. That's where you can make the difference.

Our stable service is also extremely durable. In this way we also contribute to a sustainable society.

ecological sample service

Only use what's needed. That's the motto. We are happy to be of service to you with our Quick Sample Service. Ordered before 3pm on weekdays, shipped the same day. 

Project completed? Then we are happy to take the samples back, so that we can use them again. 

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The entire van Besouw collection can be manufactured as a custom carpet in the van Besouw atelier. From organic shapes, round, rectangular to a unique proposal.