only the best materials

We only use the best materials. When developing new products, we always have two choices. Either natural materials, or the best synthetic products. Always ecologically responsible. 

For Van Besouw, sustainability consists of two important elements. Firstly, of course, the raw materials. But just as important is the lifespan. A Van Besouw has a higher lifespan than an average carpet.

That makes all the difference! Economically and environmentally. 


Pure nature. The characteristic white cotton balls are spun into a powerful yarn. Cotton has a very characteristic structure. The right twisting, in combination with the knitting technique, creates the characteristic loop carpet. 


The most luxurious fibre for carpet. And 100% natural. Wool has a warm, insulating effect. Optically this results in a very luxurious, matt look. In terms of feeling the ultimate comfort.


Synthetic yarns with a good story. Sustainably produced; if at all possible with Econyl Yarns. Yarns are always made from existing products. In other words: no raw materials are needed anymore. 

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The luxury cotton velour. Knitted and always made of 3 colours.


Characteristic combination of wool and goat hair.


Polyamide soft collections. An oasis of colour and experience.