excellence since 1839

Van Besouw is not from yesterday, but looks back on a long history: since 1839. Grown from a solid weaver of jute bags to a brand of contemporary carpet. We are proud of that.

not from yesterday

Van Besouw was founded in 1839 by Jan Van Besouw. An innovator in the field of organization, product development and social conditions. 

In more than 180 years the company grew from a solid weaver in jute bags to a production company of special, high quality and own carpet. Much has changed; the rich experience is still the basis for solid craftsmanship.


Product innovation comes unexpectedly. It's World War II. Van Besouw is now also making carpets, but raw materials are becoming scarce.

Jan van Besouw's grandson, also called Jan, builds a paper spinning mill. From Besouw paper yarns are made and processed into carpets. Innovative. The tone for the future is set. 

premsela is the name

We're writing 1967. Van Besouw is now a carpet factory. The urge to innovate is permanent. Away from the standards, away from copying. 

Industrial designer Benno Premsela is asked to lead a design team. A special assignment: "Develop a carpet as if no carpet had ever been made". The result is a revolutionary cotton carpet. A loop carpet, knitted with the name 3801.

A combination that shakes up the market. An unusual raw material for carpet and a totally innovative production method. 

3801 is often imitated, but never equalled. It is precisely the combination of knitting and cotton that gives the famous loop carpet its special, writing character.


In the past 180 years a lot has passed. With an enormous history, Van Besouw is still a leader in the market. Just like 180 years ago: a continuous drive for innovation. 

View the collections request samples to experience innovation. 

All with one central goal: to deliver products that give every room the right character!

3801 design classic

Over 50 years young. And still a grade of name. 3801 became a concept; the cotton loop appealed to the imagination. Probably the best-known carpet of the 20th century and still very topical.


Cotton became a high-quality yarn from an inferior raw material. In combination with the knitting technique, the typical writing effect is created. Cotton cools, cotton crushes. The natural properties that we make the most of.


Powerful polar compounds and above all: special effects.
The fact that a carpet is knitted can be seen in its structure. Or as with the loop pile: the poles fall in all directions.

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